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Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement - Part 2

  In the first part of the article on AI use in Law Enforcement, we introduced how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is being used by the law enforcing agencies around the world and what are the pros and cons of using this emerging technology. Now let us discuss different ways by which the police can use machine learning to achieve better results: 1) Pattern recognition One of the most powerful applications of machine learning in policing is in the field of pattern recognition. Crimes can be related and may either be carried out by the same person(s) or may use the same modus operandi. The police can benefit if they are able to spot patterns in crimes. The data that the police get from crimes is essentially unstructured data. This data needs to be organized and sifted through to find patterns. Machine learning tools can compare various crimes easily and generate a similarity score. These scores can then be used by the software to try and determine if there are common patter