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AIOps - Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations - Part 2

  In first part of the article , we looked at what is AIOps, how it works and what benefits you have using AIOps in your IT Operations. Now let us look at some AIOps strategies and go through some tools that have come up in the last 5+ years. AI Ops Strategies Don’t wait. Become familiar with AI and ML vocabulary and capabilities today, even if an AIOps project isn’t imminent. Priorities and capabilities change, so you may need it sooner than you expect. Choose initial test cases wisely. Transformation initiatives benefit from starting small, capturing knowledge and iterating from there. Take the same approach to incorporating AIOps for success. Develop and demonstrate your proficiency. Demystify AIOps for your colleagues and leadership by demonstrating simple techniques. Experiment freely. Although AIOps platforms are often products of substantial cost and complexity, a great deal of open-source and low-cost ML software is available to enable you to evaluate AIOps Standardize